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  Michael Buble如丝绒般柔滑的男中音吟唱着”I wanna go home/I’ve got to go home/Let me go home”,伤感而温暖。
  这首《Home》是Michael Buble于04年推出的专辑《It’s time》中的一首曲子,该曲旋律舒缓优美,Michael Buble独具韵味男中音的完美演绎,透出淡淡的伤感与孤独以及在外漂泊后对回家的极度渴望,轻轻的触动了人内心最温柔的角落,令人感动。

  Another summer day
  Has come and gone away
  In Paris or Rome…
  But I wanna go home
  …uhm Home
  May be surrounded by
  A million people I
  Still feel all alone
  Just wanna go home
  I miss you, you know
  And I’ve been keeping all the letters
  That I wrote to you,
  Each one a line or two
  I’m fine baby, how are you?
  I would send them but I know that
  It’s just not enough
  My words were cold And flat
  And you deserve more than that
  Another aeroplane, another sunny place,
  I’m lucky I know
  But I wanna go home
  I got to go home
  Let me go home
  I’m just too far from where you are
  I wanna come home
  And I feel just like I’m living
  Someone else’s life
  It’s like I just stepped outside
  When everything was going right
  And I know just why
  You could not come along with me
  This was not your dream
  But you always believed in me…
  Another winter day
  Has come and gone away
  In either Paris or Rome
  And I wanna go home
  Let me go home
  And I’m surrounded by
  A million people I
  I still feel alone
  Let me go home
  I miss you , you know
  Let me go home
  I’ve had my run
  Baby I’m done
  I gotta go home
  Let me go home
  It’ll all be alright
  I’ll be home tonight
  I’m coming back home

Home – Michael Bublé


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